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For thousands of years, force wielders like the Sith and Jedi have imposed their will on all, sure that their use of the Force had earned them their place above any manner of soldier, or agent. While most Jedi are content to sit in their private chambers, sith are active and where they tread, death follows.

So answers the Night Watch, a unit of Mandalorians who, while force sensitive, refused Jedi and sith teachings. Throughout the years, the Night Watch has waited for the Sith to creep across the galaxy like evening on a moonlit planet, but with the Sith's adaptation of normal Humans to do their work, the Night Watch has come down from a high pedastle, seeing merit in calling any who share their goals as "Vode", or "Brother".


   *This is an RP guild on an RP server: RP names are mandatory.

    *Sith classes will be accepted only on an occasional basis, and never will we accept Sith who are openly traditional.
          Palpatine-esque Sith will be refused if they aren't incredibly sneaky, while Revan or Malgusesque have a chance of acceptance.

    *No members younger than 17 years old will be accepted at this time.

    *Members understand that they are always representing the guild and must keep its best interest in mind as they enjoy all aspects of the game. This includes their play style, character name, vocabulary, etc. While staying neutral in public chat, as an adult guild, cursing and adult-themed discussions are not prohibited from guild chat or ventrilo.

    *No "Boba", "Jango" or other iconic movie names will be accepted. Other Star Wars EU names or pop culture reference names will be judged on an individual basis.

    *Members must outfit themselves in the attire fitting of a Mandalorian warrior. No robes, no costumes.
          This does not apply to non-Bounty Hunter classes, save Sith Warriors who are RPing as melee Mandalorians.

    *Members will not continually troll, spam chat or spam emotes in a way that would degrade the reputation of a guild.

    *Members will not exploit broken in-game mechanics in order to achieve an advantage in player combat.

    *PVP is not required, but it's encouraged and acceptable.

    *Members will always heed the call of the Alor and his officers.

    *Players in violation of Bioware's Terms of Service will be also be removed from the guild and banned from the site.
              This is up to the discretion of the guild master, due to rumors of corrupt game masters as of recent.
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HerrAwesome, Feb 4, 12 10:03 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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